Why We Create

Katapult is your full-service, digital-age Partner in the business of building bridges between data-driven insight and compelling messages tailored to the real, human experience.

We connect disciplines in digital marketing to create a seamless execution online - from media, to tech; from accounts management to creative content.

Individually, each specialization is disjoint from the bigger picture. To truly allow your brand’s message to breathe, we take every aspect of digital seriously.

Want to know more about what drives Katapult Digital into the future of digital marketing? Explore what our company stands for, and who we are, below.

Getting To Know Us

We are a team of multi-disciplinary Subject Matter Experts who are constantly learning and growing, so you can be sure that our expertise is never static, and that content comes from well-rounded experiences and ideas.

Our Movers & Shakers

Get to know the men and women leading our charge into the digital frontier.


One team, one dream. The happy professionals who make up the company's heart and soul.